The best times I’ve had at women’s ranch rodeos have been at Vernon, Texas. The facility is great and the organizers are, too. My team qualified for the finals twice there, so that’s a lot of the reason I had so much fun, but aside from that, it’s just a great time.
Lots of teams camped at Vernon. When this story takes place was a great time to camp since we had two rodeos that weekend.
We set up a big camp with a tarp between our trailers to make Scott Shepard’s kitchen. He brought a smoker. After the first night’s rodeo, Scott had a big feed ready. He had stuffed pablano peppers and smoked bologna for appetizers. I don’t know what he had for supper. I made my meal on the starters. Who knew a cowboy could make stuffed peppers?
Becca Gagan was doing her internship at the Four Sixes. She came to play with another team, but camped with us.
It seems Bec got there early that day and no one was on site except the groundskeeper. He drove a golf cart around and was supposed to assign stalls, get camps hooked up to electricity if they needed it, clean the shower houses…you know, stuff like that.
By the time we arrived, it was apparent what he’d done that afternoon was fall in love with Becca. He was smitten. When she saddled her horse, he followed her around in the golf cart. If she was at camp, so was he. Smitten.
The poor little guy thought the best way to get Becca to notice him was hang around our camp…whether Bec was there or not. Scott and my boyfriend, Mike, were egging him on…and giving him beer after beer.
Before I crawled in my bedroll, I went to the arena to check the horses. Becca had gotten groundskeeper’s permission to leave our team’s horses loose in the arena.
On my way back, I was almost run over by a bunch of gals rounding the corner in groundskeeper’s golf cart. They were hanging all over it, going as fast as it would go. When I got to camp I discovered groundskeeper in a lawn chair – mostly unconscious.
I went to bed.
The next day when I rode into the arena to warm up, I saw J. V. Thomas. Her face was all skinned up, like road rash.
“What happened to you?”
“Well we were riding around in that golf cart,” J. V. said, “and I was on the back with my feet hanging off. I had a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other.
“First thing I know, we hit a big bump and I got bucked off. I thought that was pretty rude, but when I got set up I noticed nobody was driving. That was right before it hit the announcer stand…”
A little later I saw the golf cart. It’s front was pretty smashed. It still ran since the battery was in the back, but the steering was a little impaired.
So I posted on Facebook “it’s all fun and games until someone wrecks a golf cart.”
Soon one of the sweet little organizer girls came to find me.
“Oh ma’am, I hate to ask you, but would you mind taking that post off Facebook? We don’t want the groundskeeper to get in trouble.”
“No, I don’t mind at all, but have you seen the golf cart? I’m pretty sure he’s gonna get in trouble whether I take the post down or not.”
I don’t know what happened, but the next time we rodeoed at Vernon, there was no golf cart.

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