We worked for Charley Chambers this week on the Osage.
Even though it rained a lot the day and night before, it stayed dry for us to drag. It was a little chilly and the branding iron heater felt good when I was on the line.
As always on the Osage, the crew was top shelf. We gathered and worked a few over 200 pair. No wonder Will Rogers told the world about the great Osage.
After spending the night in Charley and Kay’s snug bunkhouse, we were sitting at the table drinking coffee while Kay cooked breakfast.
I say the reason Mike and I get along so well is because neither of us can hear. A bucking bull broke his left eardrum and he’s completely deaf in that ear. My right eardrum burst when I had pneumonia. I have limited hearing in that ear. My right ear was facing Kay. While she was stirring a dipping vat-sized dutch oven of gravy, she said “Kate I have new kitties. They’re in a box in the barn.”
What I heard was “I have new guinneas.”
I didn’t hear Kate’s reply at all, which was “are there any calicos?”
So I say, “I wish I could have some guinneas. The tick crop at our place is awful, but the dogs kill them.”
Everyone looked at me like I’d grown a third eye. I wondered why because everyone knows guinneas control the ticks.
Mike started laughing first. “Have you ever seen any calico guinneas?”
“There are calico guinneas?”
By now Kate and Kay are rolling. “I knew you couldn’t hear, but it’s worse than I thought,” Kate said. “Mike even heard that.”
I still couldn’t understand what was so funny.
“She said she has cats,” Mike said. “Not guinneas. Kitties.”
“Well they won’t do anything about ticks,” I said.
Laughing is a good way to start the day.
There’s nothing like good work with good friends.

7 thoughts on “Lost in translation

  1. My neighbor has a ton of Guinneas but you will have to wade through their snake infested front yard to get to them. I have never seen a more grown up, nasty place in my life. Plus, because I know how much you love them, there are also a couple Durocs that could go as well. Seems like all their critters like to try to come to my house to hang out. My Blackmouth Cur shows them differently.

  2. I’ve played and sang with the author since before I was driving age probably. That’s been ALOT of years of music. And I’ll say this, for somebody that’s hard of hearing she’s got a voice that will make you melt. If you’ve never had the chance to hear her, make the chance. You’ll be glad you did.

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