My cousin Sandy commented she likes my stories even though she knows nothing about horses. So I’ll tell a story about her and my brother.
When we were small, too young to work in the summer, we had the great fortune to stay with our great aunt and uncle, Doyle and Ruby.
Aunt Ruby is still my hero. I’ve always wished they’d named me after her. I would’ve been the second Ruby Parker as that was her maiden name.
She was tough. Had a goiter removed laid out on her kitchen table. I was hypnotized by that scar. She told me she had her throat cut to get the lump out.
Like me, she wasn’t much for women friends, but she was a great cook and could make any possible craft. Always had a tatting shuttle in her dress pocket. Could roll a cigarette with one hand. That included opening the Prince Albert can and shaking out the tobacco.
She took care of my big granny long after she was bed fast…with no bathroom and no washer. I think there might have been a water faucet at the kitchen sink, but I’ll have to ask the family about that one.
Ruby had no children of her own. She did have two brothers who produced two nephews and a niece, who at the time of this story had produced six girls and finally one boy; my brother.
You see how it was. Keith was the favorite from his first day and Ruby didn’t try all that much to hide the fact.
Keith and I stayed at Ruby’s all summer and other cousins, in various numbers, would stay periodically. On this day, Sandy was with us. I think Keith was around two, which would make me five and Sandy about seven I think.
Of course we were outside playing because that’s where we stayed, and of course we were all barefoot.
First thing I know, Keith and Sandy are standing facing each other. Keith had just mastered peeing by himself, and like all country boys in that time, anywhere outside was fair game. Except this time, he was peeing on Sandy’s feet.
It was a simpler time and Sandy only had sisters, so I doubt she even realized what was going on. Of course little Kathy had to tell someone. I ran running inside to tell Ruby.
Bad idea. Ruby gave me a stern lesson in how wrong it is to tattle and what low character it shows. That’s probably not exactly how she phrased it.
I was dying to tell Mom and Daddy that evening, but remembering Ruby’s admonition, I didn’t. In fact I didn’t tell it until we were mostly grown. Aunt Ruby never mentioned it.
Keith says he doesn’t remember it and now I wonder if Sandy does. We had the best of childhoods, not by monetary standards, but those aren’t the important ones.

11 thoughts on “The pause that refreshes

  1. I remember this pretty well as you said with no brothers I had never been peed on before. I don’t really remember getting upset about it as I was always so happy to be with Aunt Ruby and Uncle Doyle and also my awesome cousins. Love you Kathy.

  2. Hi!
    Finally found your blog – hooray! You are such a good writer. I look forward to reading every entry. By the way, is there any guy who doesn’t pee outside at every opportunity?
    Michael’s mom.

  3. Your aunt Ruby knew… a tattler can cause all kinds of trouble! That lady done you a big favor when she explained that to you early in your childhood. We deed more like her!

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