I need to hurry, the light’s almost gone
Git up little gelding, we need to get along.
He wasn’t taking it, feeling good in the cool
So I picked up a rein to take him to school.
It was just a little pitch he was doing for fun
So I chased him a bit, I can ride if he runs.
I never saw the two heelers and their beagle friend
But a nip on the heel was the spark that would send
That gelding’s back feet straight up in the air
The pitch turned to buck and I wasn’t prepared.
By now I’m at the church yard with a big hitchin’ post
And those three cedar logs kept me from being toast.
We bucked right into them and it hurt just a little,
But it gave me a chance to get back in the middle.
While I’m regrouping, here comes this guy
Pumpin’ his arms and steppin’ real high.
I think your horse kicked my dog is what he said.
Acted all mad. His face was all red.
Now I’ve met lots of heelers and some were good dogs.
But most were a nuisance who didn’t listen at all.
Most were the variety that just heeled my horse
Causin’ wrecks and destruction without any remorse.
This guy didn’t care that I could’ve been throwed
Right on the rocks of a section line road.
I should’ve said nothin’; but that’s not who I am.
I just couldn’t help but sit that ole boy down.
A workin’ dog without a job is worthless I said
The ones that heel horses need a kick in the head.
You don’t seem to care your dog bout got me throwed
If not for that hitchin’ post I’d be gettin’ up slow.
The Lord saved me in the church yard when I thought I was through
But you can go to hell and take that heeler dog with you.

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