Bowlin Spring

I was just reading some of my old newspaper columns. This one was published in 2015, won an award and is still on the wall at Bowlin Spring. These were wonderful times. “Americana. Pictures of a people proud and free.” If you’re not old enough […]

The best Bond stories

The first sale I worked at South Coffeyville was a cold January day in 1995. That’s the day I met Jim and Barbara Bond. Jim Tom was not riding that day because he was still in school. The old barn had an alley with wooden […]

It’s a New Day

The last time I competed in the Women’s Ranch Rodeo Association was 2012. I know this because the Coor’s Cowboy Club gave all the teams who made it to the finals a handmade piece of jewelry. It was earrings in this case and they have […]

Ever Damn Thing

Not sure how long ago I wrote this. Ran across it looking at some of my old newspaper columns today. The world outside keeps on rocking with no regard to temperature, precipitation, dust or injuries to people or animals. We cannot stop, no matter what […]

It’s All Poetry to Me

Charley Chambers recited verses, played guitar, sang old songs, dragged calves, kept cows alive and was a darn good dancer. Good cowboy stuff that is all poetry to me.I met him because his granddaughter Cattle Kate Huddleston and I played on ranch rodeo teams together […]

What’s In a Name

My cousin Bully’s name is Kevin, but few people call him that. His wife does. His mother sometimes does. The rest of us call him Bully.Bully is my double cousin. Mother’s sister is married to Daddy’s brother and having the same grandparents, it always seemed […]

My Brother and Me

We have ridden a million miles. We have danced half a million miles. We have penned hundreds of thousands of cattle. We have been to thousands of rodeos. I have headed, slapped out and ridden the chute gate with hundreds of bucking horses he rode. […]

A traffic stop in Adair

I like law enforcement. I spent 20 years covering crime, riding with police and firefighters, sitting in trial, covering stories. If you know me, especially if you are in law enforcement, you know this. For the rest of you, I want to start by saying […]