There are many close families that are no blood kin to each other. I have a salebarn family. For 21 years I rode pens at the South Coffeyville salebarn. Some of those people have generations who worked on that yard. The Lowrey family is one […]

T. J. and Ray’s cow

Sometimes I tell my stories to civilians and they don’t get it. That’s what brother Keith calls non-ranch or rodeo people, civilians. Anyway, this is one of my favorites and I’m writing it here because you non-civilians will get it.Neighboring is the way to get […]

Call Your Dog

I need to hurry, the light’s almost gone Git up little gelding, we need to get along. He wasn’t taking it, feeling good in the cool So I picked up a rein to take him to school. It was just a little pitch he was […]

Put him in the draw

The best thing about social media is I get to talk to folks I might seldom or never talk to again. A lot of these people are from old rodeo days. I wish Keith was on Facebook because a lot of old memories pop up […]

The pig and draft horse dragging

Colby Cunningham and his partner Allen Willis are building a beautiful ranch on Rose Prairie in northeast Oklahoma. We were fortunate to be asked to drag calves there last weekend. When we met to get instructions in the morning, my horse started looking sideways at […]